Our Logo

Wheeling Suspension BridgeThe official logo of the Wheeling Vintage Raceboat Regatta is adapted from a graphic used on City of Wheeling vehicles. It depicts Wheeling's beautiful hills and our Historic Landmark Suspension Bridge crossing the Ohio River. The area of Wheeling's Heritage Port has long been used as the central port for Wheeling and was the main area of commerce in the developing city. The Suspension Bridge was built in 1849 and rebuilt several years later after being severely damaged in a storm. It has been upgraded several times, but is still open for vehicular and pedestrian traffic today.

Mingo Indian StatueThe figure at the top of the hill in our logo represents the life-size statue of a Mingo Indian, thought to be the first inhabitants of the Ohio Valley. The bronze statue was a gift from the Kiwanis Club to the City of Wheeling in the 1920's. It was mysteriously stolen in the 1980's and was cut off at the ankles of the Indian by the thief. It was found years later and returned to its place of honor atop Wheeling Hill.

Of course, what makes the Wheeling Vintage Raceboat Regatta logo different from that used by the City of Wheeling is the hydroplane roaring down the Ohio River! Our location at Heritage Port is uniquely suited for fantastic viewing and photographs, both from the permanent amphitheater seating in the Port and from the Suspension Bridge. Thanks to Kristen Joseph for doing the graphic work to add the hydroplane to the logo!

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